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 The Rum Daddy

Hospitality professionals expect to be treated as professionals, with respect for their experience and knowledge.  What do they like and appreciate?
     *  Useful inservice, not lecture.
     *  Engagement, not "death by PowerPoint".
     *  Practical knowledge with an assumption of respect and shared experiences.
     *  Sharing of knowledge with follow-up support.
     *  Walking out of a seminar or lab experience with a sense of gained knowledge and useful tools.

Consumers expect to be engaged and entertained, now more than ever.  Our "Edu-tainment" educates, entertains, and engages the consumer while strongly presenting your brand and your products.  Simply put, we make sure that consumers are happy with their experience AND educated while avoiding wasting your time and ours.  Anyone can hand out samples; we catch and hold the consumer just long enough to make them want to stay and experience your brand and products without creating a "drunkfest". 

Increasing your brand awareness and your sales can be a daunting task.  Consumers want near-instant information and immediate engagement; you hook them fast, or they're gone.   Your business and your markets are bombarded by "here today, gone tomorrow" marketers who detract from your people's hard work.

Whether you are a distillery, an importer,  a spirits brokerage, or in the hospitality industry, our approach is simple:  
     *  be seen.
     *  be seen often, as often as you want us to be seen.
     *  build relationships with a "boots-on-the-ground" approach
     *  cheerlead your brand and products in an engaging and knowledgeable way.
     *  create "win-win" marketing & sales for you .
     *  be affordable, communicative, honest, ethical,  trustworthy, and confidential.

The Rum Daddy & his consulting staff of marketers, brand ambassadors, and product experts will provide you with cost-effective marketing & sales support through use of:
     *  Tasting events which tie in cocktail sales  with engaging customer-oriented "edu-tainment" to increase awareness of your brand.  Simply put, the bar/restaurant makes money on promo sales, the spirit and broker make money on the product order, and we can get anyone to taste and really learn about the product with our engaging approach, all at affordable costs.
     *  Regular visitation & small, affordable events at your locations  We WILL effectively supportive for you.
     *  Assist you with targeting potential new business by identifying desirable demographics & related locations, combined with offering our  "win-win" marketing and product sales..