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Now Available in Select U.S. Markets

Hemingway Rum Company, the makers of Papa's Pilar® Dark and Blonde rums, is introducing a special-edition Sherry Finish Rum in select U.S. markets.  The team of Master Blenders created this special edition expression of custom barreled Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum with seven different hand-selected rums up to 25 years old.  The rums are both pot and column distilled. After solera aging in Bourbon barrels, Port Wine casks, and Spanish Sherry casks, the rum is further aged in Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks for approximately 30 days, creating a complex, bold flavor experience. 

The color is a mid-range brown, with shades of autumn leaves when the glass and rum are back lit.  The legs form slowly and linger upon the glass.  The nose initially presents pronounced notes of toasted almonds, treacle, buttered dark toast, sweet spices, and pear.  Oak, white pepper and old leather linger in the back.  A bit of water really opens up the nose to the woodsy and leather notes.  A lovely, luxurious aroma experience!

The front of the palate is treated to a complex spectrum of coffee, cacao, pepper, warm baked bread with butter, maple, burnt sugar, sweet spices, and leafy notes.  The expected Oloroso Sherry notes of nuts, old wood, mushrooms, brine, and dried fruits then present themselves, and a lingering warm spicy finish completes the experience.

The Papa’s Pilar Sherry Finish Rum will be bottled in the distillery’s iconic WWII canteen shaped bottle, although with a red closure to help set it apart from their Blonde and Dark product lines.  This special-edition release is available in 750ml bottles in both on- and off-premise establishments in: California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee and Texas.  Papa’s Pilar was developed in conjunction with Ernest Hemingway’s estate, and the Hemingway family donates 100 percent of their royalty profits to organizations that embody the likes of adventure, literacy, and conservation. 

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